Self Cleaning Ovens

Here’s the facts

Seems like it doesn’t matter where we are in the world…the concept of ‘self-cleaning’ ovens exists…and so do the problems… Please take a couple of minutes to study the facts. This information has taken 12 years to gather but will only take a few minutes to read.

What you are about to read may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars so please read on…

We at Ovenu have heard the same thing time and time again…so we’ve prepared the facts for you to look over for yourselves…we hope you’ll find the information useful.

So what exactly is a ‘self-cleaning’ oven ?

Manufacturers would have us believe that ovens can clean themselves. To a minor degree this is actually correct. To the main part however this ‘self cleaning oven’ statement is somewhat exaggerated…(in our considered opinion).

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