Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that this list represent a good overview of Ovenu and has answered any oven cleaning and valeting questions you may have. If you have any other questions please send these by e-mail to our Head Office at

Who are Ovenu?

Ovenu is a rapidly developing and established global network of domestic oven cleaning, and oven valeting specialists.

Where does Ovenu operate?

Ovenu currently operate throughout New Zealand, Australia, North America, UK, France and Spain

How long has Ovenu been operating?

The Ovenu brand was started in the UK in 1993 and started operating early in 1994.

Why should I use Ovenu for my oven cleaning?

With all the Ovenu network members you will get the best value for money oven cleaning service available. You and your home will be treated with the utmost respect and the end results will be superb.

What can Ovenu do that I can’t do myself?

Simply put, Ovenu will provide the ultimate oven cleaning experience for you leaving you free to enjoy your leisure time doing what you would rather do.

What oven cleaning products do Ovenu use?

All Ovenu technicians only use Ovenu brand products. These products are totally caustic-soda free and have been developed over the years to produce outstanding results.

Can I buy Ovenu products?

Our technicians are not contractually allowed to retail Ovenu brand products. They do however market environmentally friendly oven liners, cleaning cloths and sponges. These items are totally chemical free and work with just water.

Can Ovenu clean ‘self-cleaning’ ovens?

Yes indeed as Ovenu products are designed to cope with all oven types. Many ovens have self-clean interiors and/or liners. These coatings are designed to burn off debris but many of these ovens do not reach a high enough temperature to produce the required result. Many liners therefore ‘hide’ the grease and fat behind them that can be a cause of fire. Your Ovenu technician will clean behind these items for you and therefore remove the potential fire risk especially around the main heating element.

What’s the difference between oven cleaning and oven valeting?

The main difference is time. Oven cleaning generally only involves cleaning what is visible. A bit like putting the car through a car wash. Oven valeting, like car valeting, is more involved as it requires cleaning the areas you do see on a daily basis AND the areas that you don’t see, such as behind the liners etc. This naturally takes longer and this will be reflected in the fee.

Does oven valeting cost a lot more than merely oven cleaning?

No, not really. What does need to be taken into account is that oven valeting will leave the oven spotless on the first visit. Oven cleaning won’t reach the same standard. This may mean that your oven will need ‘cleaning’ twice or even three times to get somewhere near the standard that Ovenu achieve first time. So although the fee for perfection will be higher, your oven won’t need a second or third treatment so quickly. This in turn means that oven valeting will actually cost LESS in the medium to long term!!

Are all Ovenu technicians fully insured?

Yes. All Ovenu technicians carry full insurance cover. This cover extends beyond 3rd party and public liability. The items that we are cleaning and valeting are also covered for your total peace of mind.

What oven cleaning training have your people had?

All Ovenu training is carried out on the job by a fully experienced Ovenu technician . The training course is the finest in the industry and all aspects are covered during the two week- long course. You can therefore be assured that all oven cleaning and valeting work undertaken will be of the highest quality and performed by a fully trained specialist.

Why should I use a franchised oven cleaning service?

The answer to this is in three main parts. Quality, value and service. All Ovenu franchisees own their own businesses under the ‘umbrella’ of the main company. This ensures that quality is always maintained throughout the network. The best value is also maintained as all franchisees can adjust their pricing to the local area in which they operate. The optimum level of service is achieved as all the Ovenu operators would like to see their clients on a regular basis. In the event that client satisfaction falls below par, there is a franchisor available to remedy the situation should this be required.

What is the BFA and FCA ?

The BFA is the British Franchise Association. Ovenu are full members. This membership is an accreditation and NOT a badge that can be bought for a few pounds over the internet ! Full membership demonstrates to the industry and to the public that the highest levels of moral and ethical working practices are met and adhered to. Ovenu is also a full member of the Franchise Council of Australia

What other items can Ovenu clean?

We also clean and detail gas and electric cook tops, extractor hoods, microwave ovens and quality BBQs. We also offer a vast selection of traditional stove services like Aga Cleaning, Rayburn and ‘Range style’ oven valeting.

Do your operators carry spares?

Yes. All our Ovenu technicians carry replacement lamps. If we don’t have what you need on the van, simply ask your operator if he/she can source the parts you are looking for.

Are Ovenu recommended by manufacturers?

Yes. Ovenu are recommended directly byViking and Lacanche, referred by Britannia and highly recommended to clean and detail the Outback range of quality barbeques. Falcon products also recommend the Ovenu service to clients prior to fitting their range of high quality oven liners.

Who else recommends the Ovenu service?

Ovenu are also recommended by numerous domestic cleaning companies, the military, property management companies, service engineers, Real Estate agents etc.

How often will my oven need professionally valeting?

This really does depend on how often the oven is used and what is cooked in it. An oven that is regularly used to cook fatty meats will need more regular visits than an oven that is perhaps used once a week to warm through ‘ready meals’. Many clients use the Ovenu service twice a year but this is by no means ‘standard’. We will be there when you need us again and we will write to you once or twice a year to remind you of the date of our last visit. Your Ovenu technician will give you quality advice about repeat visits when at your premises. Please remember that the Ovenu process will get the job done properly first time so a repeat ‘oven cleaning’ visit in the next week or two won’t be needed!!

How do I book an appointment?

This should be really easy. Either call us on 0800 580123 on the main Ovenu web-site front page, call your local technician directly or send an e-mail to either your local technician or Head Office. Your local technician will respond to your valued enquiry as quickly as possible by telephone to arrange a mutually convenient time to carry out the oven cleaning and valeting work that you specify.

How does your 0800 number work?

This number will be answered by our live answering call centre. The operator will ask your home post code and contact number. Your details will then be forwarded to your local Ovenu technician who will return your call as soon as possible. Calls to this number are only charged at local call rate.


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